The responsible for the treatment of the data is Textiles Montecid S.L. (Textiles Montecid) with Tax ID number ESB47604319. The contact details of Textiles Montecid are the following:

  • Address: Avda. de los Álamos 35, Polígono Industrial La Mora, 47193 La Cistérniga (Valladolid)
  • Registered office: Ronda del Sauce 15 – P.I. La Mora, 47193, La Cistérniga (Valladolid)
  • Phone number: +34 983 40 30 03
  • E-mail address: web@textilesmontecid.com

All interested parties are informed that Textiles Montecid has named a Data Protection Officer to whom you can ask any question about the treatment of your personal data. The interested person can get in touch with the Data Protection Officer through this contact information: online@textilesmontecid.com; Address: Avda. de los Álamos 35, Polígono Industrial La Mora, 47193 La Cistérniga (Valladolid).


From now when we refer to “Web” we are referring to what can be seen in the direction bar on the web browser, the name between “www” and “.com”

According to section 10 of the Law 34/2002 about Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), Textiles Montecid with registered office in Ronda del Sauce 15 – P.I. La Mora, 47193, La Cistérniga (Valladolid) and Tax ID number ESB47604319, inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Valladolid, volume 1285, sheet 155, page VA-19900, Inscription 1st is the holder of this Internet domain of the Web.

Therefore, Textiles Montecid can collect the following personal information of the users of the Web trough forms: name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, date of birth, or bank account number (facilitated by the client in case of return) when the user visits the Web, signs in, makes an on-line order, gets in contact with the Web or Textiles Montecid or participates in promotions or surveys of the Web.

Also, Textiles Montecid collects all the information related with your navigation in the Web and your interaction with the brand. All personal data that Textiles Montecid collects are from the interested person.


Personal data of the interested person will be treated with the following purpose::

  • Manage and develop the record in the Web. The record will involve the elaboration of the navigation profiles of the Web users. This profile consists in the use of the personal data of the client and the information of his navigation as the products that has been seen or added to the cart, the sections of the Web that has been visited, the location to evaluate his preferences and/or personal interests with the goal of offer the contents of the Web, the offers, the services and the suitable products for his profile.
  • Manage and develop the on-line shopping. We use the personal information of the client to process and deliver him his order, inform him via e-mail and/or SMS or by another messaging platform (widely used) of the situation of his order.
  • Manage and send information about exclusive promotions, last news and personalized information adapted to the profile, interests and needs of the concerned as client via e-mail, SMS or any other way of contact widely used. The dispatch of this information will entail the elaboration of user profiles that consists in using personal data, the history of their purchases if applicable, as well as the information of the navigation on the Web to evaluate certain aspects related with their personal preferences with the goal of offering the commercial communications suited for each profile.
  • The content, the products and services will be personalized according to the client’s interests. To manage the communications consult the section ‘See/Modify – My information’ in My account.
  • Exercise the rights ARCO+, as well as queries and claims.
  • Manage the alert service for when a certain item is available on the Web.
  • Management and release of sell prove documents: digital receipt or invoice.


Textiles Montecid will store the personal data only during the period of time reasonably necessary considering the needs of answer questions or solve problems, make improvements, activate services and obey the legislation. This means that Textiles Montecid can store the personal data during a reasonable period of time even after the interested person has stopped using Textiles Montecid’s services or has stopped using the Web. .After this period, the personal data will be blocked from all Textiles Montecid’s systems.


Textiles Montecid has the following legal bases in order to be able to treat personal data:

Execution of the contract

The legal base of the treatment of the personal data of the concerned person included in the sale contract. In this way, the concerned person shall be obligated to facilitate the necessary information for the execution of the contract. In the case of not facilitate this information, the sale will not be possible.

Legal obligations

The management and issue of the invoice is based on the legal obligation of Textiles Montecid in its relationship with the clients.


Regarding the following proposes of the legal bases of the personal information treatment of the concerned person will be the consent, in case of been given:

  • Management of the Web record.
  • Management of the dispatch of information about exclusive promotions, last news and personalized information adapted to the concerned person’s profile.
  • Exercise the rights ARCO+, as well as queries and claims by the concerned person
  • Management of the alert system of items in the Web.
  • Management and release of sell prove documents: digital receipt or invoice.

The withdrawal of the consent of this treatments by the concerned person will not condition the execution of the sale contract concluded between the interested person and Textiles Montecid.

Legitimate interest

Regarding the following proposes of the legal bases of the personal information treatment of the concerned person will be the legitimate interest of Textiles Montecid:

  • The elaboration of profiles using the navigation on the Web by the registered users as well as by the users that facilitated us their information for any other purpose.
  • The elaboration of profiles for sending information about exclusive promotions, last news and personalized information adapted to the profile of the concerned person.
  • Sending satisfaction surveys about purchased products or services used by Textiles Montecid’s clients to ask for their opinion and be able to improve them.

Our legitimate interest consists in being able to guarantee that our Web stays secured, as well to help Textiles Montecid understand the needs, expectations and level of satisfaction of the users and, therefore, improve the services, products and brands. All this actions are done with the goal of improve the level of satisfaction of the client and ensure a unique browsing and shopping experience.


The personal information of the concerned person can be granted/ communicated to the following recipients:

  • Public administrations and institutions when required by the tax regulation, employment regulation, Social Security regulation or any other applicable regulation.
  • Companies in charge of data management, like suppliers who provide services to Textiles Montecid (couriers, companies that deliver communications, agencies, etc.).

International transfer of data from previous concessions/communications are also possible, for which Textiles Montecid will use standard contractual clauses adapted by the European Commission and the Privacy EU-USA shield as a guarantee for those transfers made to countries with no decision of adequacy from the European Commission. Anyway, third parties whit who certain data is shared will have to accredit in advance the adoption of organizational techniques appropriate for the correct protection of it.

Textiles Montecid does not sell in any case the client’s data to third parties.


The Web uses security techniques for the information like firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all this with the goal of avoiding non-authorized access to data and guarantee the confidentiality of the data. In order to achieve this goals, the user accepts that Textiles Montecid obtains data for the purposes of authentication and access control.

Any transaction made through the Web is done through secure payment systems. The confidential information of payment is fully managed and in an encrypted way (SSL) by the corresponding entity. In this case, the full management and encryption is done by REDSYS Servicio de Procesamiento S.L., in case of asking for payment with credit card and PayPal INC. in case of selecting payment with PayPal.

Textiles Montecid state that is aware of all technical and organizational measures implemented by the responsible of both payment systems to guarantee the security and integrity of personal data treated, as well as to avoid its loss, change and/or access by non-authorized third parties.


You are entitled to the following rights that can be exercised through the e-mail address web@textilesmontecid.com:

  • - Access right: You have the right to obtain confirmation about if in Textiles Montecid we are treating personal data which concern you, or not, as well as access the personal data that Textiles Montecid has of you.
  • Right of rectification: You have the right to ask Textiles Montecid to rectify the personal information when incorrect or complete it when incomplete. If you are signed up in our Web, it can be easier to correct it yourself using the modification of the profile.
  • - Right of derogation: You can request your personal information to be suppressed when, among other reasons, the information is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • - Right of limitation: You have the right to request the limitation of data treatment, in which case we only keep it for the exercise or defending from claims.
  • - Right of portability: You have the right to receive in the personal information in a structured format, of common use and mechanic reading, and transmit it to another responsible when the treatment is based on the consent or on a contract, and is done via automatized methods.
  • - Right of objection: You can object to the personal data being object of a treatment based on public or legitimate interest chased by Textiles Montecid, including the elaboration of profiles. In that case, Textiles Montecid will stop processing the data, unless for legal reasons or the exercise or defence from possible claims.
  • - Individual and automatized decisions: You have the right to not being object of a decision based only on the automatized processing, including the profile elaboration, which generate legal effects on you or affects you significantly in a similar way. Nevertheless, it won’t be possible to exercise that right in the case that the decision is necessary for the celebration or execution of a contract between you and Textiles Montecid; is authorized by the applicable regulation to Textiles Montecid as long as appropriate actions are taken to protect your rights, freedom and legal interests; or is based on the explicit consent.
  • - Right to file a claim: You have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

In order to file the application, we may ask you to identify yourself.


The User undertakes to, in the section where is necessary to sign up in order to be able to access them, facilitate true, exact and complete information about his identity. Also, the User, undertakes to keep updated the personal information that may be provide to the owner of the domain, therefore is the only responsible for the falsehoods and inaccuracy committed.

We inform that in case of being a minor, the user will have to obtain permission from the parents, guardian or legal representative in order to be able to access the services. The owner of the Web will not be responsible in the case that the information on this regard is false or inaccurate.

This Web can only be used for legal purposes, therefore the user is obligates to do an honest and correct use of the Web and according to the General Use Conditions, not use the services provided by the “Web” for the implementation of activities opposed to the Spanish Law, the moral and the public order, assuming the user any responsibility for the damage against the owner of the domain or third parties that could shunt into illegal practices or not allowed including and without limitation:

  • - Make with no previous consent from the owner of the domain any manipulation or modification of this page, not assuming the owner any responsibility shunt from the manipulation or alteration by a third party.
  • - Carry out any action that may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the Web and the services and/or impede the normal use for the Users.
  • - Introduce and/or use computer software, data, faulty files, viruses, malicious code, computers or telecommunication equipment independently of its nature that may cause damage to the Web in any of the services or in any of the assets (material or logic) of the systems of information of the owner of the domain.
  • - Violate the rights of third parties to privacy, self-image, secret in communications, and intellectual and industrial property.
  • - Hide or distort the provenience of e-mail messages
  • - Use false identities, impersonate the identity of others in the use of the Web or any of the services.
  • - Reproduce, distribute, modify or copy the content of this page, unless the person has the authorization of the owner of the domain or is legally authorized.
  • - Transmit to non-authorized third parties Usernames and Passwords.

The owner of the Web is not responsible for links to other webs of third parties and its existence does not implicate the acceptance of the content and services. This other webs are not controlled by the owner of Web or covered by the present Privacy Policy. If you enter other web pages using the links provided, the operators of those web pages may collect your personal information. Make sure to agree with the Privacy Policy of this third parties web pages before facilitating any kind of personal information.

Generally, Textiles Montecid excludes its responsibility for damages of any nature that may be caused by the use of the Web, as well as damages caused produced for the infraction of the intellectual and industrial propriety rights by the user or the lack of truth, accuracy and update of the content, and it won’t be possible to demand responsibilities for the interruption of the service, the incorrect functioning or impossibility to access the service.

Textiles Montecid no será responsable por los daños y perjuicios causados por la presencia de virus o cualquier otro software lesivo que pueda producir alteraciones en el sistema informático del Usuario.

Textiles Montecid will not be responsible for the damages caused by the presence of a virus or any other harmful software that may produce alterations in the informatics system of the User. The Web, including but not limited, its coding, designs, logos, texts and or graphics are property of the lender or in its case has the licence or express authorization of the authors. Independently of the final purpose, its total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution, distribution and commercialization, requires in all cases, the written previous authorization from Textiles Montecid.

The user undertakes not to do any act against the Intellectual or industrial rights of the author. Textiles Montecid authorizes third parties to redirect to the Web content, in any case redirecting to the Web.


All Intellectual and industrial property rights of the Web and its content, including images, sounds, audios, videos, designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, colours combinations, structure, buttons, as well as the software, commercial names, brands, illustrations, pictures or industrial designs and any other signs susceptible of industrial and commercial use are property of Textiles Montecid or third parties holders that have authorized the its inclusion on the Web.

It is expressly forbidden the reproduction, the distribution and public communication, including its availability modality, of the entirety or part of the Web content, with commercial purposes, in any technical mean, without Textiles Montecid authorization.

The user undertakes to respect the Intellectual and industrial rights owned by Textiles Montecid. The user will be able to use the Web and its content for personal and private use. Any other use is forbidden and will require for the user to obtain previous express and written authorization from Textiles Montecid. The user will have to keep from changing, avoid or manipulate any security device or security system installed on the Web.

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